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Mexican Restaurant are you ready to try our delicious traditional & fresh food.


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The Lina’s Mexican Restaurant story starts off as a dream of two workers. Their dream is to establish one of the most important Mexican food chains in Arizona and New Mexico. Their own business: a welcoming place where one can enjoy the delicious, fresh, and authentic Mexican food.


Experience, as well as good planning skills, effort, motivation,  and an excellent collaboration with the owners and employees played a fundamental part in the process of becoming successful. This experience has been acquired over 15 years of working in the industry. 


Our restaurants offer a welcoming, friendly, and family oriented environment. 

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According to our clients and friends we are known as one of the best Mexican res
taurant for the excellent attention to the client, high quality, and fresh ingredients.

We invite you over to Lina’s Mexican Restaurants, and we guarantee that you will be treated with satisfying food in a friendly environment.